What Financial decisions are more important than protecting your income?

"Without  an Income all your other plans are over"   Kevin Hever  Cornerstone Financial

“Without an Income all your other plans are over” Kevin Hever Cornerstone Financial

Picture this…

You own a wonderful shiny machine that works every day to produce the money you need to live on.

It gives you the money you need to eat, pay your mortgage, heat your home, run your car or even go on holiday. Everything you do is funded by the money you earn.

Then one day it stops working.

It could be a disaster especially without a backup plan.

The strain of managing without this money would be terrible, consider what would happen if you can’t pay your mortgage or rent, the look on your children’s faces at Christmas and birthdays. Or the fact life would be just plain miserable as you live from hand to mouth on reduced money and increased debt.

It’s the type of pressure that leads to families splitting up.

How to get a backup plan

You are probably miles ahead of me in realising that the machine is you. The money you earn for the work you do funds your lifestyle and your family might rely on it as well.

Wouldn’t you agree that making sure you have an income, if you cannot work is a good idea?

After all your car gets insured, your house gets insured some people even have insurance on their phones. How do you keep this up with no money coming in?

There are loads of different ways to make sure you have an income if you are off sick. Not all of these will be suitable for you.

Lots of companies, lots of choice and unfortunately lots of confusion.

What information do you need to make a decision about this?


Find out how much money you will have to live on if you rely on the state

You might have been thinking about this for a long time and find it frustrating as there is just too much information. Or it could be one or two aspects of this you need to clarify.

I have split this subject down into 12 emails each covering a different important aspect of ensuring you have an ongoing income if you cannot work due to your health.

I will send you everything you need to make a decision. Also I can answer your questions.

You’re giving this away for free?

Don’t get me wrong I am in business and expect to sell my knowledge and expertise for a fair price but I am not doing that here.

Here are my reasons for doing this:

  • I know my stuff, I have been helping people for 15 years on protecting their income.
  • It’s just so important for you and your family.
  • Have you seen how much sick pay you get off the state? Have a guess and I will tell you on the first email when you leave your details below.
  • People only consider this area when somebody they know is suffering financially because they’re off work, you discuss it and everybody says “yes I really need to do something about it” then other things take over.

It will be of benefit to you to consider your options. What financial decision can be more important to make than this?

Next Steps:

I have a lot more to share with you about protecting your income, over the next 12 days I will deliver fresh into your inbox the important information you need to consider your options.

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